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Were people happier in 50th?

April 13, 2012 blog

I have been fas­ci­nated by peo­ple by my age who lived at 50th for a long time. Not an easy life they had: World War II, two major tyrans (and a bunch of small ones), ruined land­scapes, destroyed dreams… On the other hand it seems to me they were hap­pier than we are today… They were not that much of a fake as we are.
Any­way. No philo­sophic mean­ing with this pho­to­shoot. We wanted just to have fun by cre­at­ing some­thing alike 50th with our lim­ited resources. Sofi helped us with style. Ste­fan did the assis­tance. Mod­els showed a very high level of per­for­mance. Thank you, all for so much fun!

Mod­els: Kristina
Style: Sofi
Assis­tance: Ste­fan Lindvind

Katerina Kristina & Katerina

Kristina & Katerina

Kristina & Katerina Kristina