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selfie how it ment to be

March 20, 2014 blog

Here’s a lit­tle tip how to do an inter­est­ing selfie.

selfportrait selfportrait selfportrait

The idea seemed to be sim­ple — take your gear with you, get out into for­est and take pic­tures of your sefl. Basics, you can think. First at place I began to real­ize my prob­lems. I didn’t have an assis­tent. I’m not a spoiled but assistent’s hand would help­ful this time. Firstly, it was cold and I had to take on my jacket and off. Then how do you focus when there’s no one in front of the cam­era? A Las­to­lite cover for soft­box became a solu­tion to that.

fodral som assistent

soft­box cover as assistent








I had to hang it up in the place I ment to stand, focus, switch the lens to man­ual mode, press the but­ton and run while camera’s timer was tick­ing. I wasn’t sure about the result until I got home and only there I real­ized that a self­por­trait can be fun. If run­ing in the for­est is involved. 🙂