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No studio? No problem.

July 31, 2014 blog

I guess we all have been there. When we thought that a bet­ter cam­era, lens, flash will make us to a bet­ter pho­tog­ra­pher. (Won­der how we get the fact that a bet­ter car doesn’t make a bet­ter dri­ver). There were days I was dream­ing about a stu­dio cuz when I get one, my pho­tos are going to be “studio-like” per default… Those days where fun.

My assis­tant and good friend Ste­fan has a charmy lit­tle flat right in the mid­dle of Stock­holm.  There’s hardly space for one between those four walls. We were 6 adults and one two years old boy. I had two large reflec­tors hang­ing on light stands, one stu­dio flash with big beauty flash and three flash­guns. Some­times I had to float in the air just above the model. Oth­er­wise, every­thing worked out just fine.

And here’s the result.
Karolin Karolin